Master of Life and Love

Harald Peter Futschig

holistic live consulting    spiritual & energy medicine    celtic fire shaman    somatic healing    tantric love coach    material art initiations 


Harald Peter Futschig, a native of central Germany, is a seasoned shamane and healer who draws from a holistic background that includes traditional medicine, celtic shamanism, kinesologie, material arts and tantric yoga practice. Since 20 years he has worked with numerous individuals and organisations to initiate and support transformation, change and healing.


energy & spiritual medicine

celtic shaman

master of traditional and classic chinese medicine


zen master

bushido warrior, sensai 3. dan

tantric yoga teacher

ayurveda practicioner

somatic healing: acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, cranio-sacral, foot reflex zones, manual therapy

expertise in philosophical anthropology and mystic

offspring of the great composer and musician Julius Fucík

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