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Master of Life and Love

Harald Peter Futschig

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Welcome to Satori

Satori is the Japanese word for "the origin of all being".

Here are the roots for Harald's holistic and comprehensive approach to advising, treating and healing his clients  - sourcing from 20 years of experience & drawing for a myriad of therapeutic and healing tools. He will bring out the divine healer that lies within you.



Larissa K.

After seeing various psychotherapists for 8 years because of my traumatic experience, I finally met Harald Futschig. Within a few sessions I felt significantly better and felt seen and my story. I can just tell him anything. With his holistic approaches, he can support me so well in processing and integrating my trauma. I am so incredibly grateful.

Peter J.

I am a successful managing director of a medium-sized company. I have been using Harald Futschig as a consultant for years - because his perspective always brings valuable ideas that I would never have thought of myself.

Lisa D.

After being diagnosed with endometriosis and thrown into a medical machine, I hit the stop button. I didn't want to have children like that. With Harald Futschig I was able to look at the illness holistically and solve my mother-related issues. The endometriosis was a sign and I could read it through Harald Futschig's bridge. We will see in further treatment whether I can have children. But what has definitely changed is the source of the desire and how I deal with it. I am very grateful for that.

Harald P. Futschig


Harald von Futschig, a native of central Germany, is a seasoned counsellor, navigator and therapist. For over twenty years he has successfully employed an integrated comprehensive approach to advising, treating and healing clients. Drawing from a myriad of therapeutic and healing tools originating from conventional as well as traditional sources, he tailors his unique approach to individual needs.


He supports his clients on their individual journey and offers as a navigator and inspiring adviser life and project consulting for men and women, couple therapy, consulting and somatic immersion on sexual wellbeing, treatments in women's health including fertility matters.

As father of 4 kids, he is also an expert in approaching children, teens and entire family systems.

Harald deals with his clients mainly in German language.



  • sports medicine 

  • energy & spiritual medicine

  • expert in bioenegretic therapies

  • master of traditional and classic chinese medicine

  • zen master

  • fire shaman

  • somatic healing: acupuncture, color acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, craniosacral, foot reflex zones, manual therapy, ayurveda practicioner, kinesiologist

  • Master student in traditional African midwifery and gynecology

  • kryia yoga teacher

  • tantric yoga teacher & expert in tantric massages

  • shidoshi in Tai Chi and Qi Gong 

  • bushido warrior, sensai 3. dan

  • expertise in philosophical anthropology and mystic

  • offspring of the great composer and musician Julius Fucík

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