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Image by Monique Cabelka

The magic of receiving

3 Day Deep Dive Immersion 

13-15th September 2024

3 day deep dive immersion in the wisdom of living a life based on a receiving attitude. Learn, feel and connect with this energy and integrate it in your everyday life. The immersion will be hold in German language.

The retreat will take place in a traditional YURTE at Hofgut Hopfenburg in Münsingen & outside in nature. 


In this 3 day immersion you gonna deep dive into the energies of receiving.  

In our society, everything is organized, manifested and planned. Often accompanied by severity, doggedness and judgment.


The qualities of receiving do not have much space.

But acting would be so much easier and more carefree if it came from what is there at the moment.

It's not about my will being done. It is what IT IS.

If you act from what you receive, then the action or "non-action" arises from the source of being - Japnese expression "satori" . Then light-heartedness sets in when you are connected to satori


In this retreat we take time to deep-dive into the qualities of receiving. It is a holistic approach, spiritual, mystical and energetic qualities are integrated. A variety of embodiment techniques deepen and integrate the knowledge in the body e.g. Osho dance & drum session or tantric-vedic exercises. Further highlights include nature rituals and initiations.


At your side are 2 true masters of receiving:

Harald P. Futschig and Andrea Scholaster. Andrea accompanies people in life transitions as a doula and ritual master. I order to be able to receive & see what the moment gives birth to.

The retreat is limited to 12 people. 

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