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You need a holistic approach enriching your sexual wellbeing ?

In over 20 years Harald P. Futschig has developed a unique holistic approach based on spiritual medicine, energy medicine, shamanic wisdom and somatic impulses. The vedic-tantric tradition and massage is also a big part of his work. His method is highly effective and trauma-sensitive. His sessions are always individually tailored to the needs of the client. 

All genders, sexual orientations are welcome. This service is offered to individuals & couples. Come as you are. Harald deals with his clients mainly in German language.

You are looking for holistic impulses for your sexual wellbeing? 

We have our first sexual experiences with ourselves. The sensual approaches are usually discovered in a curious and playful way. Here the body becomes a bridge of sexual communication. Dialogues and monologues alternate. Just as we learn a new language, we enter into an intimate exchange with ourselves. This own inner access forms the basis of external sexual encounters with other people.

In the consultation, Harald Peter Futschig addresses fundamental questions in order to clear the path to sexual communication. "How does your body speak to you? Do you understand what it is telling you? How is your dialogue with yourself?" etc.

Misunderstandings in communication lead to misinterpretations. And not just when dealing with ourselves, but also with a partner. By checking whether the recipient and sender are correctly transmitted and understood, a clearly defined basis is created. This first and foremost creates a space for an appreciative sexual encounter with yourself. As a basis for an encounter with the partner.

The consultation can be accompanied by somatic experiences and massages in order to feel and experience your own approaches.

Spiritual Wisdom

As a tantric teacher, Harald has many years of experience in the spiritual dimension of sexuality. He brings this knowledge - coupled with practical impulses -  into his consultations.

His clients appreciate his accessible, humorous and yet profound way of looking at life & relationships.

Consulting 1:1 Sessions - 2 hours. 



Talking about something is different than feeling it. With his massages & guided body discoveries, Harald invites his clients to embark on a journey to themselves. His mindful manner is strongly appreciated. The release of blockages in intimate zones is supported by his knowledge of acupressure and energetics.​ In particular, his clients estimate his trauma-sensitive approach. 


Tantrische Massage  Frankfurt
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